Thursday, January 29, 2009

walking the dogs... with a stroller...

I decided taking both dogs on top of a stroller was just crazy talk, but since it was such a nice day and Molly was feeling better I decided we needed to get out of the house. I first took Sadie out. Once she realized she couldn't get in front of the stroller and resigned herself to walking *next* to it things were fine. I did have her sit and bellow when a few dogs passed us. I knew if she wasn't in a sit she would pull and that just wasn't going to work with the stroller. So she sounded like a tortured dog that had a red hot poker up her ass the entire time two dogs passed us. Such a drama queen. Still, other than that and the initial adjustment to where she had to walk the leash stayed slack. After a lap around the rose garden and a detour up and down some streets we headed back home to drop off Sadie and pick up Snickers. Of course, Snickers was a dream. Other than stopping every few feet to pee we didn't have any issues. I did see an older lady when I was out with Sadie. She had commented how adorable Molly was. When she saw me again with Snickers she stopped running and asked, "How many dogs do you have?' with a very southern drawl. Just the two, I assured her. If the weather keeps up I definitely think we'll be doing this more often. With N out of town I haven't been able to get to Muay Thai and I'm in desperate need of some exercise.

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