Tuesday, January 13, 2009

so sensitive...

While we were waiting for the doc in the exam room Molly was playing with this race car toy. There was a button (shocker) that would make a horn beeping sound the first time you pressed it. The second time you pressed it you would hear tires screech as if to avoid an accident. Molly heard this and got very upset. Her mouth turned down and tears welled up. I think she might have been associating this with the ambulance sirens. She's heard these on various trips to Zanotto's (the hospital she was born in is just up the street). They always upset her (probably because they are sooo loud). However, she kept pressing the button. She loved the honking horn, but would get very upset by the screeching tires. Yet she would not let me put it away as she kept pulling it back out. Never fully cried, but really did NOT like it. It's just a sound effect honey, no one was getting hurt.

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