Friday, September 10, 2010

"Daddy fix!"

The expression "Daddy fix!" initially started out with Nathan. He would proclaim it whenever Molly was upset or hurt and he would scoop her up in his arms to make it all better. Now it's something Molly says whenever a toy breaks. In fact both N and I are pretty sure she is breaking some of her toys so N can fix them. So far he's been able to get everything back together, but we are both a little nervous about the day that will come when a toy is beyond repair. We have a feeling Molly will be crying, "Daddy fix!" as the toy is tossed in the trash and won't be able to understand why Daddy can't fix it this time. N's heart will break I'm sure.

Anyway, since Molly is obsessed with Toy Story (mainly Bullseye) most of the toys she's been playing with (and breaking) have been Toy Story related.

Poor Bullseye! (Don't worry, his leg is all better now.)

It's turning into ER: Toy Story.

Just the other day Molly's beloved Frosty the Snowman board book had two pages that were stuck together. When I got them apart part of one page had torn off and was still stuck to the other. Molly took it from me and proudly said, "Daddy fix!" and walked off to put it on his desk. Yeah, not sure HOW Daddy is going to fix that one. This should be interesting.

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