Friday, September 10, 2010

Robert's 3rd Birthday (the pictures)

N uploaded these last night. He's a little behind on his pictures and galleries in case you couldn't tell. Robert turned 3 back on August 11th and his birthday party was the Saturday before that. We didn't stay for the entire party as little Miss Temperence was also having her first birthday party that day, but N was able to get some great shots. They are mostly from the bouncy house as that is where Molly spent the vast majority of her time.

It was a Spiderman themed party (and bouncy house) and here is the birthday boy shooting spider webs.

Molly was nonstop motion.

However, she did take the occasional apple juice break.

This is a great shot of an airborne Emily.

Here's another great one of Jamie.

Molly and N

For the rest of the gallery click here.

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