Thursday, September 23, 2010

ER visit

Let me just start this off by saying Molly is currently sound asleep in her bed and nothing serious was wrong so the grandmas don't freak out.

Molly was fine this morning. She went to swim class and had a blast. Afterwards we visited Granny Marsh and everything was fine. She was a little picky about eating lunch and I simply chalked that up to her not being super hungry since she inhaled some snacks after swim class. We get home and she's falling asleep in the car so I'm hoping we'll have a nice easy transfer to bed for nap time.


First Molly gets a second wind when we pull up to the house and insists on tracking down a few toys before heading to bed. I finally get her in bed and it's clear she's not going to be falling asleep any time soon. We battle back n' forth for a bit. Then she starts to do her whine cry. She tells me, "Molly's upset" but won't be any more specific than that. After some stalling she asks for a cliff bar. I think the light lunch might be the culprit and agree to this. Once she gets the cliff bar she doesn't want it and asks for O's. I still suspect she might legitimately be hungry so I comply. Takes one bite and pushed it away. I take that as a clear sign it's a stall tactic and get her back in bed. She starts crying moments later.

At this point it's around 3:00 and Molly is seriously crying. She's rubbing her eyes and I think she's just overly tired and can't fall asleep. I spend the next half an hour calming her down and rubbing her back and she falls asleep just before 3:30. I think she's down at this point.

At 3:50 I hear her crying... actually it was more like screaming. Something was NOT right. She was inconsolable at this point. I go down the checklist trying to figure out what it is. No temp, but I offer some tylenol just in case and she freaks out at the suggestion. I take this as a indication she might have a sore throat. I offer juice and popsicles, but she is screaming herself into quite a state. My gut tells me this is not just upset, something is seriously wrong as this is completely out of character for her. The only other time I've seen her scream like this was when N pulled a wire that was a good 1/4 IN her big toe. AND that screaming only lasted a few minutes.

I call her doc and she's screaming in the background and they tell me to come right on in. She screams most of the visit. I can calm her down for a few minutes, but then the slightest little thing would set her off. Doc checks her over. No temp. Ears are fine. Throat looks a little sore, but nothing the screaming wouldn't account for. No real obvious signs that anything is seriously wrong. Doc suspects that she might be coming down with a flu bug and goes off. Keep in mind I'm catching maybe 20% of what the doc is telling me as Molly is screaming in my ear.

Doc comes back and tells me she would like me to take Molly to the ER for further tests. She's worried that it might be Intussusception (the sliding of one part of the intestine into another) as she knows this is NOT like Molly and she has seen Molly at her worst. The doc had already called ahead to Good Sam and let me know they were expecting us.

As we're finishing up at the doc's office Molly starts to pass gas. I notice that this offers some relief, but she's still pretty upset. We get to Good Sam and she passes even more as we're checking in with the Triage Nurse. She is getting calmer so I'm crossing my fingers this is culprit. We get into see the doc. He wants to do an ultrasound as it's less evasive than the Barium treatment (aka contrast enema) we were initially sent down for.

The ultrasound tech comes to get us so we can check things out. Molly was much calmer by this point, but still not happy to have goo on her belly and some wand waved around. Luckily N was with us at this point and between the two of us and my iPhone playing Princess and the Frog we were able to keep her calm so the tech could get a good image. The tech did point out some major gas which wasn't that surprising considering the tooty pants Molly had become.

The doc came in and said the ultrasound was clear. It could very well just be really bad gas that was backed up and we pretty much had to let it run its course. They wanted to get some liquids in her to make sure that didn't cause immediate pain and she inhaled the apple juice. No crying at all so we were sent home a little after 7.

Molly was a little tired and went to bed without a fuss about 8. She did wake up around 9 with a cry that I quickly responded to. She wanted to be upright on me in the glider in her room and pretty much fell back asleep in my arms. The first time I tried to relocate her back to bed she woke up enough to protest. I waited until she was really asleep... then waited a little bit longer before I put her back down.

Fingers crossed she gets a good night sleep and passes whatever caused all the pain in the first place. There are a couple things I need to keep an eye out for, but the main instruction was to keep her hydrated.

So yeah... looong day.


Mama Bree said...

oh how awful! sooo sorry! :( Logan had an incident of screaming fits at school once (where I was called out of work to come see him) which I finally chalked up to terrible gas as well, since he passed a lot of gas while I held him until he finally calmed down. so yeah, that gas! sooooo not cool!! :(

hopefully she's feeling much much better today :)

heather said...

how scary... so glad she's alright. it's so hard when their this little and they probably don't even know what's going on :( poor bug