Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ear ache

Yesterday Molly had her follow up doc appt from last Thursday's ER visit. Turns out poor little bug has an ear ache. This might have been the reason for all the discomfort last week or that could still be a separate incident. However, it DOES explain the rough night we had Saturday while visiting Grandpa Hickson. Molly only slept for an hour in the car on the drive up so she was a little fussy the rest of the day. She went down for bed without any issues, but got up again at 9:00 and 10:00 with a little cry. We were all in the same room (and by we I mean N, Molly, Sadie, AND myself), but I was able to get her back to sleep without waking N up. Well, at 10:30 that was NOT the case. Poor bug was screaming and upset. She only wanted daddy and she wanted him to "walk". By walk she means hold me in your arms, but don't even think about sitting down. At 35 lbs the becomes a tricky scenario QUICK.

Over the course of the next three hours we try every trick in the book to get her to calm down and fall back asleep. She immediately calms down in N's arms (only while he's standing), but acts up again as soon as we try to do anything else. So it wasn't the inconsolable screaming I dealt with on Thursday, but something was definitely wrong. I finally get her to fall asleep propped up on me and pillows around 1:30 am. About a half an hour later she slides off me and situates herself up on all the pillows. I use this opportunity to sneak off to the bathroom as she had been crushing my bladder. When I get back she's sprawled out over my side of the bed. I give up because she looks so content and attempt to go to sleep on her inflatable toddler bed.

Yeah, in hindsight I should have propped the bed up against the wall and just slept on the floor, but I was trying to make as little noise as possible so I made do and attempted to not move a muscle. I was up at every little sound, but bug was able to sleep through until 8:00 am. N was also able to sleep for the most part, but was woken up several times once Molly moved herself sideways and would ninja kick him right in the ribs.

Needless to say I was a complete wreck all day Sunday. Total Mommy Zombie mode. I went to bed at 8:15 that night and slept through until 7:00 the next morning when Molly woke up.

The doc told me to get Children's Tylenol Cold for the ear ache. We're not at the point where antibiotics are needed, but there are a couple symptoms I do need to keep an eye out for. The meds are actually meant for slightly older kids, but the doc said a small dose was fine. So, Molly was knocked out nice and good for nap time yesterday and again for bed time last night. Getting a good sleep is definitely helping, but she's still not supposed to be around children for the next 4-5 days. This is a bummer because we had some really fun stuff planned for this week. Oh well, with this heat wave we're having it's just as well our lilly white asses are inside with the a/c.

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