Friday, October 1, 2010

This is just not her week...

Poor bug gave herself a big ol' fat lip this morning when she fell UP the stairs from the basement into the kitchen. She was juggling 4 different toys and as soon as I ask her to hand them to me she yells no, turns away from me, and missteps causing her to sprawl out face first on to the tile floor of the kitchen.

This is just not her week.

On the upside the doc gave her the all clear today to hang out with other kids in her follow up appt. She still has a little fluid in her left ear that should drain over the next week or so. If she starts waking up at night or shows any signs of discomfort we are to take her back in, but for now everything should heal on its own.

I also had the doc check out her teeth as her gums were a little bloody. Everything is fine. No loose teeth, no chips, no cracks.

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