Saturday, October 2, 2010

Grandpa Hickson visit

Last weekend we drove up to Pioneer, CA to visit Grant (aka Grandpa Hickson). It was a record high weekend and my car hit 98 on the drive up and 100 on the drive back. Grant is up in the hills and surrounded by trees, but it was still quite warm out when we arrived. As you can see Molly's cheeks are quite red from the heat.

Molly made herself right at home and found all sorts of hiding spots.

Even though Grant broke his back, he has still managed to do a lot of work to his new home. The crowning achievement is the roof over the front porch.

The backyard boasts home to a lovely vegetable garden. The tomatoes were like candy!

Also, just to remind you that you're in the woods there is often a furry visitor lurking about.

In fact there were a couple just off the driveway when we arrived. Luckily Sadie didn't seem to care so we didn't have to worry about her chasing them down. Chances are that would have ended bad for Sadie as they tended to travel in packs.

Since it was such a hot day Molly gravitated towards the two fountains Grant had going. I'm pretty sure she would have tried to crawl in if I wasn't standing right there.

Unfortunately we had a rough night as Molly was coming down with an ear ache. Still, it was good to visit with Grant and see all of the work he has been able to do.

For the rest of the pictures click here.

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