Friday, October 29, 2010

Hickson Day Care

Yesterday we had Robert and Connor for the day. Their aunt had gone into labor and since their Nana (Auntie's mom) normally watches them on Thursday I took over so she could spend the day at the hospital welcoming her newest grandson to the world.

Connor was the first Jodoin boy to discover the princess shoes.

However, Robert was the first Jodoin boy to try them on. This should come in handy in about 10 years.

For the most part Robert and Molly played with each other while Connor did laps around the house. Robert has always been obsessed with our cats, but finally got the message that cats can fight back. So while he spent a good part of the day keeping tabs on them he knew enough to keep his distance "so Michael doesn't scratch me". Connor would also follow the cats around if they caught his eye. One more than one occasion both boys would be standing at the gate to the office trying to get the cats to come to them, without any luck.

The boys went down for their naps, but Miss Molly did NOT. Robert and Molly both went down a little before 2:00 and I *thought* Molly had gone to sleep. However, when I put Connor down a little after 3:00 I could hear her playing in her room. She never did fall asleep so I let her get up when Robert woke up just after 4:00. However, she did go down super easy last night so that's good.

It was a fun day, but after that and Muay Thai class last night I was pretty darn sleepy.

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Jennifer said...

Thank you again for watching the boys! We really appreciate it! I love the photo with Robert in the princess shoes!!! :)