Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Follow up doc appt.

Molly had her follow up doc appointment from her three year check-up and continuing ear ache issues. The fluid has still not drained from her ears so we are to stop with the Zyrtec and a prescription for antibiotics (Amoxicillin) was written instead. The doc wants to ward off any infection that could be caused by her ears still having fluid in them. We were also given some nasal spray (Veramyst) that we are to spray TWICE in both nostrils while she is standing up. Oh, and we're to aim it out towards her ears for good measure. Yeah, THIS is going to be fun. The doc gave Molly a lollipop (or smelly pop as she likes to call them) and I told her she could have it once I did the nasal spray. Molly wasn't thrilled, but scrunched up her face in a pained expression and held still for me. When I picked up her prescription I also picked up a bag of smelly pops just in case.

ETA - The down side to all this (besides her ears causing her discomfort) is that she has to stop swim class until the antibiotics run out and we have another follow up. Poor bug. EVERY day she asks me if she can put on her Ariel bathing suit and go to swim class.

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