Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Molly turns 3 today.


It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the hospital for HOURS, hooked up to a million different IV bags, and waiting for SOMETHING to work to get the little one OUT of mommy! 24 hours after we checked in a little green body finally showed up. Nope, not an alien... just a meconium covered baby that was in no hurry to get here on her own.

Actually Molly is still pretty chill and never in a hurry to get anywhere. Unless it's swim class. I constantly have to tell her "No running!" when we are walking in to swim class. Molly is quite the little fishie!

Molly still loves music and will shake her booty hard if the right song comes on. It's quite adorable. She also has most of the Disney songs memorized and you will hear her humming or singing them throughout the day.

Her current obsession is horses. This stems back to her watching the Toy Story movies last June before the third one came out in theaters. Bullseye was her favorite character by far. EVERYTHING became a horse to her. Chairs. Park benches. Your legs. When we go to Happy Hollow I have a hard time pulling her away from the wooden horse they have. She also insists on riding the white horse on the carousel. We've been lucky so far as it's always been available, but I know some day some other kid will already be on it.

Molly is also pretty damn smart when it comes to getting her way. Just the other day we were waiting in line to pay and she spies one of those little machines that sells tiny plastic bouncy balls. I see her spot it and stop dead in her tracks. She then runs over to me and gives me a big ol' hug. Proceeds to ask for hugs and kisses and tells me she loves me. The lady working the cash register thought this was the sweetest thing. I simply said, "Wait for it." After a minute of buttering me up Molly asks if she can please have a bouncy ball. *sigh*

Our current battle is potty training. She's just not interested. When I do get her on the potty she will hold it. Just last week she sat on the potty for an hour and twenty minutes and then FINALLY went a little bit. Once she was done and got her M&M and "Yay Mollys" (as she calls them) she demanded a diaper. Five minutes after that the diaper was full (not surprising seeing as she downed at least 16 ounces while sitting on the potty). She is holding it for longer and longer periods of time and I have been able to get her into underwear a few times without accident. However, she won't ask to go on the potty and when she does get on the potty she holds it. The other obstacle I don't know how to get around is 90% of her poopy diapers happen when she's sleeping. I'll keep getting her on the potty as much as I can, but I really think it's going to be a matter of her DECIDING she's ready. I hope that day comes soon because I hate to see her scream in pain when she has bad diaper rash. Not to mention I'm pretty much over the whole diaper thing and would like those to go away.

However, the upside is Molly continues to be a great sleeper (will ASK for naps when tired) and a very healthy eater. I am trying to get her to try more and more of "our" foods, but when the girl insists on eating nothing but veggie and beans it's hard to argue with that. Her one vice is she LOVES Cliff bars. I'm pretty sure she could survive days (if not weeks) on nothing but Cliff bars. I know there are mornings where she'll insist she's not hungry because she's waiting to get in the car so she can ask for the Cliff bar she knows I keep stashed in the diaper bag. Part of me would like to get her off this habit, but another part of me is totally fine with the fact that she'd rather have a Cliff bar when out than the mac n' cheese or grilled cheese we've ordered her. Molly is still not a fan of meat. She'll have a turkey dog every now and then if it's smothered with ketchup or some meat in pasta, but that's about it. Her absolute favorite thing in the world are kidney beans so I'm not too concerned with the fact that she's a little veggie.

Molly LOVES to jump. Bouncy Houses. Trampolines. Down stairs. UP stairs. Simply jumping instead of walking. She doesn't care as long as she can JUMP! We went to Pump It Up, Jr. on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. She LOVED it. Since Molly's b.day is in October I tend to make her parties Halloween themed so we dug into an awesome cupcake cake from Cosentino's that was covered in Halloween decorations. She was super excited to see the purple witch up top and kept calling it Ursula (from The Little Mermaid). I also did Halloween themed goody bags and Molly LOVED them.

Her favorite part of the day is when it gets dark enough so she can turn on the pumpkins and lights out front. She is also in love with the scary talking picture frame I have in the living room (you can see it over her shoulder in the picture below). You press the button and red lights come on in the eyes and the picture screams, "Help me" in a very creepy voice. Molly LOVES this. She will ask you to press the button and then mimics the scary voice. We also went to one of those Halloween superstores and Molly had a blast checking out all the displays. She thought the mummy screaming in box was laughing and giggled right along with it. She also said, "Cute puppy!" to the werewolf with some sort of blood soaked "meat" hanging from its mouth. The entire store made her giggle, laugh, and clap. I suppose it's a good thing she's not scared, but perhaps it *is* a little concerning that she finds the scary stuff so hilarious!

In any case, I cannot wait to take her Trick o' Treating this year. We went to a few houses last year, but this year we're really going to make a go of it as I think she'll "get it" a lot more. Not to mention the fact that she loves to check out all the decorations people have out. Molly is going as Woody from Toy Story as she often refers to herself as Woody. N is called Buzz and I am called Jessie (and we both have the respective costumes). Sometimes Sadie gets Bullseye, but that has petered off since Molly realized Sadie won't let her ride her like a horse.

I was asking Molly to smile in the above picture and this was the result. She is quite the little character and can be very dramatic at times. My favorite is when she flings herself down on the floor and fake sobs like one of the Disney Princesses. However her imagination is amazing and allows her to play for hours on her own. I love to watch her act out stories with her little toys and how she gives them all their own little voice. It is quite endearing.

Happy Birthday Molly bug! We love you more than words can say and are so happy you are a part of our lives.


Hayley said...

Happy birthday Molly!! I read that the 'no meat' thing is very normal for a lot of kids. Apparently we're only supposed to eat meat once or twice a fortnight, so kids seem to know this naturally. Clever babies!

Mama Bree said...

Happy Birthday Molly!

(and, being a veggie isn't all that bad of a thing!) ;-)

heather said...

what a great post Kim... it'll be so fun to look back on these in the years ahead :) Happy Birthday Molly!! Big Hugs! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you. Just the other day I asked Emma where she wanted to go and she said "Molly's house" I told her it was too far away but hopefully "soon" ;)