Friday, October 22, 2010

See you in a while... Crocodile...

Last weekend we drove down to Santa Barbara to visit Uncle Kyle and Aunt Cathy. When we left the temp gauge in my car read a lovely 89 degrees. When we pulled up to Uncle Kyle's house it was 61 out and I had my wipers on the fog was so thick. So much for the forecasted high of 84 I came across when I checked the weather. Fog can always happen on the coast so I had packed layers, but not quite the sitting out by the pool weather I was expecting.

Friday night we grabbed Mexican take out as Miss Molly had been asking for a quesadilla and black beans all day. I had pre-ordered How to Train Your Dragon and it arrived before we left. Molly insisted we bring it with so we ended up watching that. Molly saw about a half an hour before it was her bed time and then we finished it up before going to bed ourselves.

On Saturday we walked over to the little park area by Kyle's house and a MILLION little kids soccer games were going on. We also stumbled across the Lemon Festival. I got a super delish lemon tart and N got some lemon ice cream from McConnell's. N also picked up some tickets so he could take Molly on all the bouncy houses/obstacle courses/slides. PLUS she also had her very first pony ride which she was super stoked about.

The INSANE bouncy obstacle course:

Bouncy slide:

This little kid had quite the ride, no? It also had it's own stereo and was pumpin' out some tunes!

We grabbed some burgers for lunch and then headed back to Kyle's so Molly could nap. Cathy was at work for the day so we played Hex Hex Next until she got home. Once Molly woke up we hit the hot tub and she even got N to go in the main pool with her. It was still heated, but chilly enough outside that I let that be *all* N. That night we ordered in Italian and played Hex Hex Next again after Molly went down. Oh yeah, livin' the high life!

When we woke up Sunday it was seriously bordering on rain the fog was so insanely thick. We walked over to Blenders and then hit the Farmer's Market where I got some yummy berries. I'm also pretty sure N tasted every single free sample he came across. N was a good daddy and picked Molly up two small pumpkins. We hit the road around 1:00 so Molly would nap most of the drive home... which she did. We were also privy to a lovely lightening storm as we headed back up the coast. You see lightening every now and then in CA, but while I was driving I clearly saw at least 10 bolts and the flash from a few more.

All weekend Molly would hand Uncle Kyle one of her toys and quiz him on their name. He was doing pretty well by the time we left.

Molly LOVES to boss Uncle Kyle around. Whether it's quizzing him on Disney Princess names or making him follow her up (and then down, and then up again) the stairs she loves to bark orders. She was also starting to say Uncle Kyle fast and it came out Crocodile a few times. Go ahead, take a minute and say them both out loud. They do sound the same, don't they? Anyway, it was super cute and I think Uncle Kyle liked his new nick name.

For the rest of the photos click here. There's not a lot as I thought N was bringing his camera and left mine at home. N didn't bring his camera as he's a couple months behind on sorting/editing/tagging/uploading.

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