Friday, October 1, 2010

Swim Class

These are from last week's swim class. There are two other kids in Molly's class, Sydney and Aiden. Molly actually knows Aiden as she went to the Children's Discovery Museum with him last December. His mother works with Robert and Connor's B-Ma, Bev. Small world, huh?

This was Molly's second class and she was ITCHING to get in the water.

The little fishie is happy.

The point is to take a toy from the bucket and bring it over to the stairs, but Molly gets distracted with her own little fantasy world. I think the teacher was snapping her back to reality here. Also, note that she has Ariel in her hand. She goes straight for the Disney Princesses.

As you can see she has no problem putting her head under water. In fact one of her favorite things to do is grab the rings off the floor.

Molly IS a little lazy when it comes to big arms and big kicks. She will let you take her for a ride each and every time. I basically have to be out of reach and wait until she's finished "gliding" before she will start kicking and moving her arms. Luckily she can hold her breath for quite some time and doesn't panic. Molly just doesn't see the point in doing the work until she HAS to. Lazy butt!

Here she is making the most of her glide. Reaching out to touch the stairs before putting forth any effort in the actual swim department.

Molly's one naughty habit is she likes to jump down the stairs when no one is looking. I'm pretty sure she just got busted here.

Molly loves to float on her back. She calls this "Lax" as I always tell her to relax. She does enjoy her chill time.

It's Sydney's turn to float on her back? Hey, that sounds like a great idea...

I'm pretty sure Molly could spend her entire day playing on the steps of ANY pool.

Although she also LOVES the fact that she can touch the bottom of the AVAC pool and loves to bounce along.

For the rest of the pictures click here.

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