Saturday, December 12, 2009

Children's Discovery Museum

Molly and I went to the Children's Discovery Museum on Thursday with Robert and his B-Ma Bev. Bev's nursing friend also joined us with her son Aiden. The kids had a blast. It was actually a little difficult at times to get them to leave the current exhibit they were enthralled with so they could check out others.

In a shocking turn of events Robert was drawn to the fire truck:

However, I think Molly's pose had a little more pizazz...

Then they were both obsessed with this ball floating exhibit:

BUT the water area reigned supreme once again. Robert had a blast shooting water over EVERYTHING:

Whereas Molly was obsessed with the part of the exhibit that launched balls into a swirling pool of water. Laughed every single time:

You can see the entire gallery here

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