Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Product Endorsement

N was kind enough to set up Molly's project table in the kitchen and I've slowly been stocking it with art supplies. However, one of her favorite activities is to move the crayons from one cup to the top shelf back to the cup again. In this process crayons were getting broken and it was getting hard to keep track of all the pieces. Then I discovered the BEST. PRODUCT. EVER.

Crayola TWISTABLE Crayons

Twist up the fun! Crayola Classic Twistables require no peeling or sharpening. When the tips get worn down, just twist them up and you're ready to keep on coloring. The clear plastic barrels keep them from breaking and make it easy to see how much color is left.

LOVE them!

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Hayley said...

I am so buying these