Thursday, December 31, 2009

Toddler bed update

It's Day Five and Molly is currently down for her nap. We haven't had (*knock on wood*) any issues. Other than coming out of her room that first night, she's been staying put. We have heard her get out of her bed a few times, but so far she's been staying in her room when we've put her down. One day she wasn't quite tired enough for nap time and I could hear her playing with her toys. I went back in and told her to get into bed because it was nap time and as far as I can tell she stayed put and was sound asleep 10 minutes later.

In the mornings we tend to wake up to the sounds of Molly talking to herself on the monitor. For the most part she's still in bed when we get to her room. However one morning the very first sound we heard was Molly shutting her bedroom door behind her. I met up with her just as she was passing N's office and coming into the dining room.

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