Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Party

The Google Holiday Party was last Friday at San Francisco's City Hall building (which is absolutely stunning). Google had arranged for busses to take us from the campus in Mt. View to the event. This was really nice because we didn't have to deal with the long drive or parking. Plus, designated driver included. Not that we drank much, but still... one less thing to worry about. Molly spent the night with Granny and Grandpa Marsh and I met N at his office.

The theme of this particular event was the "Roaring 20's". Now Google folks tend to go all out when there's a theme so I immediately knew there was no way we were going to win any of the costume contests. I felt lazy and didn't want to attempt to hunt down something 20's specific so we were one of the few that just dressed nice and didn't follow the theme. I'd say about 75% of folks WERE dressed up. Some went all out and then some just made a nice outfit work with a few key accessories. I was wondering to myself if folks had 20's costumes already in their closet or if it really was something readily available in stores. Not two seconds after I said this to N did I see a silver copy of the black and gold dress I had been admiring. So apparently there IS stuff in stores! I also thought I spied an olive version as well later on, but lost it in the crowd.

Since the theme was the Roaring 20's there was a Speakeasy vibe about the place. There were multiple bars and then some casino tables. They had blackjack, a couple roulette wheels, and a few craps tables. We parked ourselves at one of the craps tables. I was on a roll when we had to get going to catch our shuttle back. They were going to give out prizes to the chip winners at the end of the night and since we didn't intend to stay that long I just handed my chips out to my end of the table so some folks could stay in the game a bit longer.

All in all it was a great evening and it was lovely to get out and mingle with other adults.

Click here for pictures taken at the holiday party.


Mama Bree said...

You should've told me! I've got an AWESOME black flapper dress that would have been excellent for this occasion. yes, IN MY CLOSET. ;-)

Kim said...

Of course you do...

Wait, is this the one you wore for Halloween in Georgetown? If so, I'm thinking it probably wouldn't fit.