Friday, December 18, 2009

Sadie, Asher, and robot

Molly decided to hang out with Sadie. Sadie was NOT thrilled:

Sadie would like to let Molly know that she is in no way shape or form a freakin' PILLOW!!!

At this point Sadie is probably wondering if she can get away with casually stretching and booting Molly off her bed... the answer to that is NO Sadie...

This last week Auntie Amy and Asher were in town and we were able to get together a few times. Asher is mesmerized by the flurry of action that is Molly. He didn't care when mommy went out of site, but when Molly disappeared he started bawling. It was super cute. However, Molly refused to sit for any pictures so I don't have one of the two of them together, but here's Asher:

Lastly, my mom got Molly this stroller for her birthday. She also got Molly a baby doll to put in it, but Molly rarely uses the doll. She's more likely to put her oogly eye monster in there. Lately it's been all about her robot. She pats the robot over her shoulder like a baby and is very careful to secure robot in the stroller properly.

The rest of the pics can be found in the K - Oct, Nov, Dec 2009 gallery.

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