Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eye color

I just read the most recent email from BabyCenter and the first line is, "By now your child's eye color and hair color are probably fixed". This cracks me up. So not true. Molly gets a LOT of commentary about her baby blues. Do you blame them?

Then they look at me:

Then they say, "Oh, she must get them from her father." Mmm, nope.

Yeah, eye color can change a lot later than 2 years old folks. I had pretty blue eyes all the way into Jr. High. It was then that they started to change. I scanned in all my school pics. In 5th grade they were still pretty blue. By the time 10th grade rolled around you can really see the change towards green taking place.

Nothing is ever set in stone.

Although if your kid has brown eyes, they are probably going to stay brown. ;-)

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