Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Molly's camera

Grandpa Hickson gave Molly some money to spend for her birthday so we picked up Fisher Price's Kid-Tough Digital Camera. Molly LOVES it! She has been obsessed with cameras ever since our trip to Kauai. She would pick up anything that even remotely resembled a rectangular object (lego, block, etc) and would hold it up and say, "Smile. Click!"


I'd say 99% of her pictures are either completely dark or so blurry you can't tell what she's taking a picture of, but she has managed to get a few good shots in. I uploaded the best of the bunch here.

The very first picture:

First one of daddy:

First one of mommy:


Hayley said...

I love the ones of her feet! Cute!

Mama Bree said...

That's so cool!! I can't wait to see what else she starts taking pics of. Altho, I noticed one where N was in his boxers, so maybe you'll need to start watching out what you're wearing (or not wearing) as she walks around with that thing! ;-)

Also love the ones toward the end of Logan. hee hee