Saturday, December 26, 2009

My great nephew, Molly's first cousin once removed

I think I have that right. Anyway, I watched Jonah (my niece's son) on Tuesday. Unfortunately I had woken up that morning with a little bit of pressure in my sinuses and as the day progressed I felt like absolute crap. Plus Molly woke up from nap time with a fever. Not fun. Molly was better by Christmas Eve, but I just started making the turn towards better yesterday. I feel slightly better today, but not back to 100% by any means. At least I was able to sleep last night. The first few nights were rough... very rough.

Luckily all Jonah really needed to be kept entertained was watching Molly. He was in love. Just look how excited he got when she walked by:

I attempted to get a pic of them together, but you can imagine how well that worked. Still, this one puts a smile on my face:

All the Molly excitement led to Jonah taking a 3 hour nap in the morning and almost two hours in the afternoon. Alesha was a little shocked. Jonah is more prone to cat naps. However, the best entertainment for a kid is a slightly older kid to watch.

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