Wednesday, December 2, 2009

swim class

I've mentioned before that Molly HATES the monkey walk in swim class. Today's class was no different... at first. The set up was to jump off the underwater bench thing and swim to the wall. Then the kids had to monkey walk down the wall to the step at the end and get a toy to play with. Well, the first two rounds were a battle. She screamed the ENTIRE monkey walk. After the second trip she picked up a little airplane toy. Well, on the third round I took the airplane toy from her and tossed it to the very end rather than holding it just out of reach. Apparently that was the magic trick as Molly screamed out, "I'LL GET IT!!!" and monkey walked ALL. BY. HERSELF. She did this three more times. I literally stood behind her and made sure she could get to the wall, tossed the toy to the end, and then it was all Molly. The last time she didn't even have a toy and just did the monkey walk without any prompting. The instructor was just as surprised as I was.


Hayley said...

I have to ask...what the heck is the monkey walk??

Kim said...

The swim class that Molly's in is all about safety. They teach the kids to swim to the nearest wall and then if they can't pull themselves out they need to "monkey walk" to the nearest exit. It's walking down the wall while holding on and using your hands and feet like a monkey to move you.

Hayley said...

Ah I see! Pulling yourself along the wall...makes sense now!