Sunday, September 12, 2010

Movie Night in the Rose Garden

Friday night was the 4th Annual Safety Fair & Outdoor Movie Night in the Rose Garden. Seeing as we live less than a block away from the Rose Garden I wanted to go. Molly was still a little snotty on Friday, but mostly over whatever cold she caught in MN. The Jodoins joined us. We all walked down and set up our blankets to secure a spot. There was a CRAZY balloon maker there that was doing all sorts of insane stuff. I saw Ariel, an octopus, butterfly wings, several elaborate swords, and a few more animals I couldn't quite make out from where we were sitting. We sent the guys down to get dinner at Zanotto's and hung out with the kiddos. The movie got started a little after 7:30 when it was finally dark enough to see.

The movie was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and it was quite entertaining. Molly lasted until about 8:30 when it was clear she was done and ready for bed. Since she hadn't been feeling well we didn't want to push it. Besides, at that point she was wrapped up in a blanket and not even facing the screen so she might as well be in her own bed. N headed back home with her and I stayed to watch the rest of the movie with the Jodoins. I cannot wait until we can sit in our backyard and watch movies on the side of our new garage!

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