Friday, September 24, 2010

So considerate!

When someone sneezes Molly will immediately run up and say, "Bless you!" It's quite adorable. It was even more adorable in MN when Heather's allergies were bothering her and she was doing this every couple of minutes. Heather told her it was very sweet, but she really didn't need to say "Bless you" every single time she sneezed... but Molly did... and she said it A LOT!

Another adorable trait is she will ask if you're ok when you cough. In fact she has popped out of bed and opened up her door to yell at N in the office when she's heard him cough (and is clearly not asleep yet).

The best part is she INSISTS you do the same to her. If she sneezes and you don't immediately say, "Bless you" she will then say, "Molly sneezed" and look at you until you bless her. Same thing with coughing. If you don't ask if her if she's ok she'll tell you she just coughed and will wait for the appropriate reply.

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