Friday, August 17, 2012

Dinner at the Silvestris

We had been meaning to do a game rematch since I believe LAST summer for Settlers as our last game night was interrupted by night terrors and a vomiting child (Molly snored through the entire event).  Amy invited us down their way and I am NEVER going to pass up a dinner invite to Amy's house.  First up were these delicious cocktails.  Some sort of tea caramelized with sugar, fresh lemon juice, fresh mint, and spiced rum.  OHMYGODSOGOOD!

Then Amy had Dean fire up the grill for some pork chops and scallions and also some delicious pineapple.  Definitely got us in the mood for our Kauai trip.  The salad was called a rainbow salad and it was also insanely delicious. 

See?  Amy should have her own cooking show.

We finally played an entire game of Settlers AND I won.  All in all a very good evening.

Molly had passed out in Amy & Dean's bed and Leo wanted to join her.  So cute!

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