Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kauai, day four

We got up at the butt crack o' dawn to drive down to south shore for a dive trip with Fathom Five (same outfit we dove with on our last trip).  As you can see we were up before the sun.

At the coffee shop, the fans would rotate. I thought it was pretty cool.

One of the tomcats in Old Koloa Town.

Post dive smoothies at Aloha Juice Bar in Hanalei (back on the North Shore).  I got distracted after taking this shot and ended up leaving Eliana IN those bananas.  I did not realize this until we got back to our room and N was kind enough to go back out and rescue her.

Sunset ceremony on the terrace.  That butler took off the champagne cork with a sword.  N has a better pic.

Last Kauai sunset.

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