Monday, April 28, 2008

Ah, air conditioning

We checked into the Sheraton Universal Hotel yesterday afternoon. I know it was the right decision because Molly proceeded to take a two and a half hour nap after some boob time in the nice cool hotel room. The weather was actually really nice last night when we went out to grab some dinner. Drove around with the windows down and there was a lovely breeze, but we were both very happy to sleep in an air conditioned room last night. Molly is in a much better mood today and just woke up from a morning nap. Poor Auntie Lisa has had to see a fussy Molly these last few days, but it looks like that has changed.

Uploading some pictures and realized I don't have any of Molly with Auntie Lisa. Need to remedy that situation today. Will post a gallery soon.

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