Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Half Birthday Molly!

Miss Molly turns 6 months old today. She has gained 12 lbs, 4 and a half ounces and grew 6 inches since she arrived in October. Her little (well, maybe not so little) body has been working overtime. She's quite content to sit and play for hours on end with her toys. Her favorites are the Fisher Price ring tower and her stuffed octopus that says colors in three different languages and plays songs. I've heard all of the songs many many times now.

Molly is scootin' if you place her toys just out of reach. Although more often than not I think the toys are out of reach and she's still able to grab them. She's so long... and quick! We hang out for the most part on the futon (flat) in the living room, but her play pen arrived yesterday so that's another safe place to play. I look at all the dog and cat hair on the floor and wonder if she's ever going to learn to crawl since I really don't want to put her down there on the hardwood. I think it might be time to get a floor rug for her room and just keep the door closed to limit the amount of animal hair that gets on it. If she's not completely flat on her back and has a pillow under her she's quite capable of pulling herself up into a sitting position. She also loves to stand in booths or on couches all on her own. Of course sooner rather than later she tries to eat it. Not an issue at home, but not so good when out in a restaurant.

Molly is also getting a lot better at mimicking sounds we make. She can say da da and ma ma... although with her it's definitely more of a mum than a ma. I guess she has really taken to the Irish roots of her name when she went with mum. I still don't think she's had her first official word since it hasn't really been in context, but there are times she'll start saying mum mum mum when I walk in the room while reaching towards me. Usually when's she's hungry.

Molly is also really good with the rolling over. The hardest obstacle to overcome was getting her arm pinned underneath her. She's seemed to have mastered getting that free and pushing off anything close to scoot towards her goal.

Molly also loves to swim. The pool in Miami was a great treat for her and she absolutely loves bath time. She never wants to get out. I definitely need to call this week and sign her up for swim lessons. She'll love them!

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Mama Bree said...

Happy 6 months Miss Molly!! :)