Monday, April 14, 2008

the latest...

We went to Target tonight and picked up a 5'x7' area rug for Molly's room. Needed to give her a space to work on her crawling. She's really good at getting going when she has you or something else to push off of. Little cheater.

N also lowered her mattress over the weekend per the doc's instructions. Unfortunately this coincided with mommy tweaking her back on Saturday. I'm not sure what I did, but I assume it had something to do with lifting and/or carrying Molly. All I know is that is started to really hurt Saturday afternoon when I was doing laundry. I pulled or tweaked something between my right shoulder blade and spine and the only thing that seems to offer any relief is laying completely flat on my back with a heating pad under me.

N was able to watch Molly for a bit yesterday so I could get some rest, but today it was just me. Luckily Molly was in a pretty chill mood and was pretty content sitting next to me on the futon playing with her toys. At one point she started to give me some not so subtle hints that she was hungry as I was laying flat on the heating pad. My back was really killing me so I decided to try putting Molly on me (belly to belly) and lifted up my shirt to give her access. The milk monster was able to make it work and I've fed her a few times that way now. If I'm not having shooting pain I'll do side feeding, but it's nice to know I have options.

On Saturday we crashed the Jodoins since it was a hot day and the lovely thought of their pool got into my head. Although that idea was better in theory seeing as their pool was still quite chilly. N met up with us after going on a motorcycle ride through the Santa Cruz mountains. Since he was a little overheated from wearing all his gear on such a warm day he was the only one crazy enough to jump into the pool where Scout and Hunter promptly joined him. A little too promptly as Hunter tore through the screen on the brand new gazebo that Jarrod had just finished putting up hours before. Good thing Hunter has already been fixed.

It got a little warm out for the kiddos so we moved on inside. Molly and Robert worked on their crawling. Molly kept trying to eat Robert and Robert kept trying to grab Molly's hair. Ah, the endless entertainment children provide.

We've also tried giving Molly some cheerios. On Saturday she tried one of Roberts sweet potato poofs that pretty much dissolve in your mouth and she was not a fan. N tried on Sunday with the cheerios and I tried again today. She's really focused on just getting them into her hands. She'll make little fists once she gets ahold of them and it's really fun to try and get her to pick up a third one. Reminds me of Sadie trying to get two tennis balls into her mouth. Her hand eye coordination is pretty good so it doesn't take her long to grab them, but it's still fun to watch.

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