Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Home sweet home

Molly was a champ on our flight back yesterday. She was a little more fussy than on the ride out, but anyone could tell she wasn't feeling well just by looking at her. Puffy eyes and a red nose were the dead giveaways. On the up side she definitely slept more since she was under the weather. I actually had the chance to watch most of the two movies they showed. N being there definitely helped. We hit some pretty bad turbulence on the way back, but Molly managed to sleep through most of it. Never even opened her eyes. I just heard a few frustrated grunts as her head bounced from side to side, but once she was able to get back into position not a peep.

The trip was great. I think my favorite part was heading out at night after the sun went down with Molly in her stroller (we got a new umbrella stroller that hasn't made its way back yet) taking in the sights. It's so nice to be able to walk everywhere. Humidity wasn't as bad when you didn't have the sun beating down on you and the breeze definitely picked up in the evenings. We also stumbled across some fireworks on Saturday night that Molly didn't seem all that impressed with. We stayed in our room on Sunday night since Molly was really not feeling well, but it was just as well since it rained pretty hard that night. Bree, Jon, and Logan got caught in it on their way back to the hotel.

It was also pretty amusing how much attention Molly got from all the men in South Beach. Mainly those with an accent. They all came up to her and she flirted right back. Or just ate her foot. It all depended on what sort of mood she was in.

All in all a great trip. Molly didn't seemed too bothered with the whole flying business. I am really glad that we got her a ticket though since the one time she did fall asleep on me after a feeding she woke up minutes later because she couldn't get comfortable with her length and her legs kept kicking off the seats. She definitely slept better in her car seat. Two of the best purchases I made for the trip were the wheel/stroller attachment for the car seat and the 50+ SPF sun shade extender for the stroller. Got many compliments on both. I highly recommend.

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Mama Bree said...

we had a great trip with you guys! hope Molly gets over her cold in no time! :)