Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hello from Hollywood!

Miss Molly and I are visiting Auntie Lisa in West Hollywood. The drive down yesterday was pretty uneventful. Little one slept for most of the ride and then decided she wasn't at all tired when we got here. She didn't go to bed until after midnight and then decided it was a great idea to wake up around 6:30 am. I heard her playing with her toys, but didn't want to stir in the hopes of her falling back to sleep. No deal. Around 7:30 she started talking up a storm... loudly... and since I didn't want to wake up the entire neighborhood I got up and gave her breakfast.

We went out for a yummy lunch and did some shopping. Molly finally crashed out and napped around 2pm while we were in some nice air conditioned department stores. In the shade with a breeze it was a gorgeous day. In Auntie Lisa's apartment where there is no cross breeze (or a/c) it's a little warm. Ok, really freakin' hot! Molly has been in just her diaper since we got back and the fan is on full blast moving the air around. Tomorrow we are moving on up and moving on out and checkin' into a hotel. It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow and it was in the mid 90's today so I'm not taking any chances. Molly and I are wimps. We need a/c.

The plus side to Auntie Lisa's is she has carpet... and no pets... plenty of room for Molly to work on her crawling. She's scootin' up a storm and really *really* wants to crawl. She's pushed herself up on her hands and knees a few times and then doesn't seem to know how to get going. It's just a matter of time. She wants it. She's determined. In the meantime she's doing a pretty good job of getting around with rolls and scoots. I put a sheet down because she was starting to get rug burns on her little knees. Now she's just laying on her back talking to herself. Such a good baby considering I know she must be miserable in this heat since I am and well, she's got my coloring and is my daughter.

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