Sunday, April 6, 2008

Greetings from South Beach

Poor little bug has come down with a cold. She has been great this entire trip, but started to get a little snotty yesterday. At first I thought it might have just been all the humidity she wasn't used to, but this evening it turned into a full blown cold. She's currently passed out, but I can hear her snotty raspy snores from across the room. She also had a long night last night. She went down without any problems, but woke up a couple hours later with a very poopy diaper. Then kept waking up with even more poopy diapers. Mommy and daddy did not get much sleep last night. Once she woke up and got the whole diaper business out of the way she just wanted to stay up and chat. Took about an hour to get her down each time. Needless to say N and I were more than a little zombie like today.

When we got back to the hotel and we all wanted to cool off from the humidity so we went down to the pool. Molly had a blast, but started to get hungry towards the end. Ended up heading back up to the room because I could tell she was overly tired and she had some issues eating because of the snot factor. She finally did pass out, but woke up about a half an hour later screaming. And that screaming kept up for most of the next two hours. N went to the drug store for a nasal aspirator and we ended up calling Molly's doc's on call service. After a million and one questions it was determined she has a simple head cold. I was able to feed her again, but I can tell she's still stuffed up since she keeps taking herself off the boob for some air and she never needs to do that. But Miss Molly is an eater so she was still able to get a full meal in before passing out. I just hope tomorrow doesn't turn into a really long day.

I do want to point out the trip has been great up until her interrupted sleep last night and little meltdown this evening. She's quite content to cruise around South Beach in her stroller taking in the sights. I've had to be a little creative in getting her some boob time while we've been out since the only bottles I've had are the ones I've pumped since we've been out here, but it's pretty much worked out for the most part. Molly and I both don't last too long during the day, but we've been able to come back to the hotel and sneak in some early evening naps before hooking up with the dads for dinner and a night out. We also have a little balcony in our room that overlooks the street. That has been a great place to get Molly to fall asleep since she's quite content to look at the lights in the warm breeze and slowly nod off. We have a ton of pictures and some great video of her in the pool (doing her own motorboat noises) that we'll try to get up soon.

Wish us luck that the plane ride home isn't complete hell for Miss Molly (and us).

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