Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Temperence

Yesterday Molly and I spent the day with baby Temperence while her mom and dad moved. Molly was a little jealous while N was still here in the morning and wanted him to hold her like I was holding Temperence, but she quickly got over that. I think my favorite part of the day was when I was getting situated on the couch to feed Temperence and apparently I was taking too long because she started to cry. Molly came over and said, "No cry baby. No cry. Buh-bee (bottle) soon. Soooooon."

Molly also ran and got her pacifier when she started to fuss before nap time and very gently put it in. I think I might have stressed the word "gentle" around babies a little too much because Molly pretty much repeats that word whenever she sees a baby anywhere... even on tv. Heh... better safe than sorry.

Another adorable moment was when Molly gave Temperence a kiss on the cheek. Molly doesn't really pucker up for kisses. They are more of an open mouth smack and Temperence definitely had a "what the hell?" look after Molly laid one on her. I wish I had that on video. It was adorable.

Molly just walked up to me while patting her baby doll and saying, "Baby. Baby Temperence. Good baby." She does this for a few days after seeing a baby. It was Connor for a while, but now it will be Temperence. At least this time she was patting her baby doll. She has done the same thing while gently cradling a Croc shoe.

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Sneed Family said...

So cute thanks again for watching her