Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So delicious...

Monday was day two of no naps. I am happy to report she slept for a good three and half hours yesterday while I was in Mill Valley with Sadie to get her staples out. Sadie is healing nicely.

Anyway, Molly and I had a nice two and a half hour battle over nap time. To be fair I was checking in on her every 10-15 minutes to make sure she didn't tear off her diaper again. She did. To pee in the corner of her crib. *sigh* Is kennel training an option?

At one point during the battle I came in and she immediately perked up and said, "Buh-bee?" I told her to wait in her bed and I would go get it. I just made her a small one as I didn't want another incident. She laid down as soon as I came in with her bottle and reached for it while saying, "In my mouth. Put it in my mouth." Two seconds later she had sucked the thing down and as she's handing it back to me she says, "Yummy. So delicious."

Yep, deeee-licious!

I'm pretty sure she got that from Granny Marsh as I seem to recall her saying the same thing when Molly "feeds" her (both real food and imaginary).

It *almost* made up for the pee incident.


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Anonymous said...

How about putting a onesie on her backwards over the diaper for nap time?