Monday, November 16, 2009

It's time to potty train.

Yesterday Molly not only skipped her nap, but also took off her pants and diaper and threw them outside of her crib. N was the lucky one that was home to deal with this. Lucky in that he only had to deal with a pee diaper. This morning I was not so lucky. Molly woke up and I was in her room within 5 minutes of her first babble. I'm still half asleep and about three steps in when I realize I'm looking at a naked Molly butt. I freeze and look down and see her pants and diaper. She also tore off her socks... dark socks. So I took a minute to figure out which piles were socks and which were... well, you get the idea. I first clean up everything on the floor as Molly watches and laughs. Then I pick her up (carefully) and put her in the tub for a bath. Once she's clean and dressed I strip her bed. Luckily the mess was confined to her sheets as I didn't come across anything on her crib. I still cleaned it just to make sure. Then I hopped in the shower. Even though I didn't get anything on me, I still felt quite dirty after the whole ordeal.

So yeah, apparently it's time to get going on this potty training thing.

When we first got Molly her potty she was very interested. She used it several times and even asked to be put on without any prompting. Then she started to not like it so much. This progressed into screams and protests at the mere mention of her potty. I wasn't going to pin a screaming crying kid onto a potty as I did not want her to hate the thing so I let it go. We had our Kauai trip coming up and I figured it was easier to just deal with potty training thing when we got back.

Then Sadie had her surgery coming up and I put off potty training again since I knew having a suitcase dog was going to be a chore in itself. (Suitcase dog = harness with handle on top so you can lift her as steps are initially a no go)

However, tossing diapers on the floor is a clear indication it's time. I have already tried to get her to use her potty several times today. Molly has refused. A very polite refusal as I heard, "No thank you. You're welcome." (Molly says both, it's a work in progress) I think my next step is to go get some underwear and just hunker down for a few days until she figures it out.

Luckily Sadie gets her staples out tomorrow so she will no longer be cone head dog. She's still suitcase dog, but can now at least get down the steps in front and back to go to the bathroom. We still need to lift her in and out of the car though and walks are very limited.

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Choun Family said...

good luck! My friend did that method, you just leave them in their underwear all day and regularly put them on the potty and then lots of praises and rewards when they go.