Saturday, November 28, 2009

Potty Training

Since it's a long weekend I decided to try the next step in potty training. After Molly's diaper toss incidents I figured she was ready to take the plunge. Pull-ups have been a no go for us as she freaks out at the very sight of them. Full on kicking and screaming. I'm not sure what her issue is, but it has been this way since the very first time I tried them. If I do successfully get them on her she will immediately take them off. So, I went out and got Molly some Elmo undies and decided to just go for it and take off the diaper. I figure long weekend, N's home, no plans... we can do this.

Not so much.

After two outfit changes in 30 minutes and a quick google search I decided to do the bare bottom technique for the rest of the day. We got Molly to go ONCE in her potty. Once. The rest of the day was spent watching her like a hawk and she still managed to pee everywhere but the potty. A few times she would walk into the next room or around the coffee table to sort of hide it. Then we'd be staring right at her and realize she was going. By the time we got her on the potty (in the same room as us) she was done.

Yesterday was a looong day.

We put her in a diaper for nap time and it was full by the time she woke up. Then we put her back in a diaper just before bed time so we could do story time snuggled next to each other on the couch.

After reading a million more sites last night I think she's just not ready. She has 90% of the "ready" checklist, but the main one she's missing is communicating when she has to go... or even when she's gone. Plus, if yesterday is any indication, she's not really holding it for long stretches, but rather going many times with little amounts. I could have sworn her diaper had been dry for a long stretch, but maybe there really was just a little amount in there and I couldn't tell.

So, rather than force her into something she's not ready for, we're back in diapers and trying to introduce the potty as much as we can. I will probably do some more bare butt time when we're home and I can watch her to help her realize when she's going and to hopefully work on the communication part more. Plus it does help with the diaper rash. She tends to wake up with a poopy diaper and that always leads to bad diaper rash for a few days so some air time will definitely help on that front.

The up side was she LOVED her panties and wanted to pick out which pair to wear so hopefully that will be an easy transition when she's ready.

N got up with her this morning and Molly all of a sudden looked really embarrassed and whispered to him that she had a dirty diaper. So that's something. Of course right as we're leaving and I'm putting on my shoes she walks up to me and I smell the poopy diaper and ask her about it and she looks me straight in the eye and says, "No poop."

It's a work in progress.

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