Saturday, November 21, 2009

That's my tech savvy girl!

Our morning routine usually consists of waking up slowly snuggled on the couch watching Sesame Street. Molly has her snack cup with cereal and a sippy cup. Once I'm a bit more awake I'll hop online and check my mail.

Well, this morning I'm a few steps behind as I needed to feed the cats their morning scoop and feed the fishies. I walk into the living room and Molly is standing by the coffee table, remote in hand. She is actually putting it back down as she successfully turned on the tv and the channel it was left on was the Disney channel.

Yup, little one now knows how to turn on the tv with our universal remote.

Hrm, so if I can get her potty trained think she can get herself up in the morning? I'll leave the snack and sippy cups on the coffee table for her. ;-)


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Kimmy said...

Play your cards right and I bet you can teach her to answer your emails and screen your calls for you too :P