Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cirque Magnifique

Tuesday morning I woke up and decided Molly and I were going to check out the free Cirque Magnifique show at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I kept seeing billboards for it and it was ending this week so it was a now or never situation. We got up and headed over the hill and it was a lovely 55 out and foggy when we arrived. Gotta love northern California beach towns!

Molly was totally chill in her car seat from the ride over so I decided to drive around a bit. We went past a few of Aunt Tracey's old dwellings, drove by N's great aunt's house, and then drove up Cliff Drive (past Auntie Nicole's first surf lesson location... I can still hear her cussing up a storm about how cold the water was). We circled back and parked and then did a lap around the boardwalk. The performance started at noon, but by then all the fresh ocean air was getting to Molly. She loved the music they played, but wasn't exactly mesmerized by the performers on stage. After a particularly big yawn and head down on my shoulder I decided it was time to take off.

Why am I standing?

Thrilled I tell ya... absolutely thrilled!

Hey, *I* thought it was pretty cool...

Click here for more pictures from the day.

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