Monday, August 17, 2009

new shoes!

Molly has been avoiding her shoes for the last week or so. Usually when we're getting ready to leave I'll ask her to put on her shoes and she will no problem. In the last week she would either hide her shoes or tell me no when I asked her to put them on. When I put them on she would immediately try to take them off and chuck them. Clear sign they were starting to pinch. I had hoped they would last through the summer, but no such luck.

We went back to Howard's and ended up getting the pair I had my eye on. Molly was not in the mood to put on any shoes, so it was a bit of a struggle. However, the owner was there and said to bring back them back if she didn't like them. Molly has pretty wide feet so once again we went with some Stride Rites (Joy). We had tried on a couple different pairs and this was the only one she would walk in so that's what we got. I also picked up a pair of green Crocs since we still have plenty of summer left. Plus Crocs cover two sizes so they will (hopefully) last a while.


Mama Bree said...

love 'em!! :)

Hayley said...

Cute! Kids are the only ones who can really get away with Crocs I think. You see elderly men wearing them with socks over here - no!!