Friday, August 7, 2009

somersault master

When Molly was enrolled in The Little Gym last year her absolute favorite skill was the somersault. She was always the first volunteer and just thought they were the most hilarious things ever. She even tried her own version of one before class ended. This pretty much consisted of her standing, putting her hands on the ground, and then would roll over on her back (to the side as opposed to flipping over and doing an actual somersault).

This past weekend in Portland she did them the right way... all by herself! SEVERAL times. I think it helped that Amy & Dustin have carpet in their newly finished basement. The first time I think she was more surprised than I was, but then she got the hang of it. I witnessed several more before we left. So far she hasn't attempted it at home, but I'm not surprised with all the hardwood floors we have. Will try to get it on video the next time.

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