Monday, August 10, 2009

full weekend

On Friday Granny and Grandpa Marsh came over and spent the evening with Molly so I could meet up with N and visit the Sneeds in the hospital. I picked up some delicious pasta from Amici's, since Italian is Carina's favorite. I met up with N at the hospital as he was coming from work. Mom & Dad were pretty tired, but baby girl Temperence was a dream. I brought N's camera and he took plenty of pics of the new family, but they still need to be uploaded.

Saturday was Robert's 2nd Birthday Party. N headed over early so he could drop off our canopy and two banquet tables and pick up Hunter and Scout for the day. We were the first (non-family) to arrive as we got there right on time. :-) The party was great. TONS of toys set up in the backyard with canopies providing plenty of shade. Molly has really come into her own these last few swim lessons so she was itching to get in the pool. N had Molly the entire time and I switched off between Robert, Addison, and Jessie (as their parents were too chicken to get in!). Then it was cake time (so yummy) and I could tell Molly was starting to crash. We get dressed and packed up and then realize we're 5 cars in as we parked in the driveway. Since Molly was going down (and fast) we decided to not bother attempting to get everyone to move and asked Jenn and Jarrod if we could borrow their tent and set it up in the office. N started to put Molly down, but then everyone moved inside for presents so I went in and we moved Molly into Jarrod and Jenn's room. It took me laying down with her and singing, but she finally fell asleep a little after 2:00.

Bree and Jon were parked behind us so they were in the same boat. Robert went down for nap time next followed by Logan. We attempted to play a game of Settlers, but about halfway through Molly woke up. Then Logan. Then Robert. Oh well, next time. We finally took off around 7:00 so we could get Molly home and give her dinner and a much needed bath. Apparently Molly didn't each much that day (well, besides constantly trying to sneak in peanut M&M's) because she INHALED dinner. She started yawning during bath time and went down without a fuss. Little bug was tired as she slept in past 8:00 the next morning. Mom and dad were also tired as we turned off the light around 9:45 pm. On a Saturday. We are so parents!

Sunday morning Jarrod dropped off our tables and I headed out to run some errands. I was making dinner to bring over to the new parents. Lucile brought the salad and rolls and I made N's favorite chicken goo (it's not as disgusting as it sounds) along with a yummy fruit salad. We spent about two hours ooohing and aaahing over Temperence and visiting with the new parents.

N posted pictures from Robert's 2nd Birthday so take a look.

ETA - Bree also took some great pics and got some of everyone in the pool. So take a look.

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