Friday, August 7, 2009

first bee sting

Molly was unfortunate enough to experience her first bee sting today. It was after story time and all the kids were playing on this stage set up in front of the Los Gatos Library. I'm not sure if the bee was drawn to her snack cup or the fact that there was some sort of sticky substance on the stage itself, but I noticed that one started to circle around Molly. I tried to get her attention as I walked around the stage to get to her. Unfortunately she noticed the bee and right as I was about to grab her she reached up and brushed the bee up by the side of her face and was stung in the process. I got to her and the stinger had already fallen out. I brushed it away and noticed a red dot just at the entrance to her ear canal. The stinger was completely out at this point, but then Molly got over the shock. She actually handled it pretty well considering the location and the fact that bee stings hurt. Luckily Jenn's mom was there with Robert (registered nurse) and I walked over to her to quickly ask what signs I should be looking for in case of an allergic reaction. So far so good. There is no swelling and Molly seems to be over the whole thing. I did check on her a few times during her nap and everything was completely normal.

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Mama Bree said...

poor Molly - no fun! glad to hear she handled it like a champ tho!! :)