Monday, August 24, 2009

Numbers are fun.

Molly is just about capable of counting to ten now... with either mild verbal guidance or us pointing out numbers on paper. She's been excitedly identifying numbers in public too... walking by signs or cars letting us know what she sees. The other night I was putting her to bed... The process involves sitting on my lap getting some daddy-hugs while she sucks down a bottle of milk. As usual she is pretty drowsy after a bottle, and typically just kinda falls over on me to be put in bed. This particular night I was wearing my "4 out of 5 doctors prefer me." T-shirt. She finished her bottle and her eyes were sleepy, but as she turned around to give me the last good-night hug... her eyes went wide, she flinched and reached out and grabbed a fistful of my shirt... yanked me towards her and said "FOUR!!!" while pointing at the 4 on my shirt... then she let go and grabbed the other side of my shirt and yelled "Five!!!!!". She was so excited to discover the numbers that I feared she wouldn't go to sleep, but she was quite happy to say "nite nite" and snuggle down with her blanket after-all.

Very cute... the antics of a learning child. :)

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