Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poor bug.

This is my second blog from the ER with a sick Molly crashed out on N. Let's not make this a habit, k?

Molly woke up this morning with a temp of 102.4. I called her doc and got an appt. for 1:45 pm. Molly fell asleep on me and then I transfered her to bed. She woke up at noon. Screaming. Temp was 103.4 so I drew a warm bath to cool her down. She was NOT happy. Took her temp again and it was 103.6 so I called her doc (who was at lunch) and was told to head to the ER. By the time we saw the nurse her temp was down to 102.8 and she was given some Tylenol. (FYI weight is currently 29 lbs 15 oz) We saw the ER doc at 1:51 (he noted the time when I was recapping for him and mentioned her doc appt) and now we're waiting on the flu swab test results.

Molly is snoring up a storm.

ETA - Flu swab came back negative. We were sent home with a prescription for Amoxicillin (ears and throat were red). Temp was also down to 100 before we left.

Also, I realized we were waiting in the same room N got stitched up after his arm incident.

It's sad when you start to re-visit ER rooms.


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Hayley said...

Aww, poor thing, Hope she feels better soon.