Monday, August 31, 2009

goodbye heat wave!

It almost reached the triple digits on Friday and succeeded on Saturday. I love a/c.

On Friday Molly and I were lucky enough to take two dips in the Jodoin's pool. First we joined Robert and his B-Ma after story time for a quick dip. We took off before nap time (a glorious three and a half hours). Then we returned with N that evening for another dip along with the Connally/Shipmans. It was heavenly on such a hot day. We all had issues getting the little ones down (I blame the heat). Unfortunately Bree and Jon had to take off after it was clear Logan was not going to bed. Luckily Robert and Molly were finally able to pass out and the rest of us played a game of Settlers. Jenn won! We called it a night once the game was over and headed home.

Saturday was another scorcher and Molly had a birthday party to attend for her friend Maya that was turning 2. It was at a Color Me Mine pottery studio and Molly seemed interested at first, but was quickly over the messy ordeal. I got N to paint her hand real quick and make a hand print before she was completely done. Hopefully it turns out! Even though it was 101 out we decided to brave the heat and head over to Memorial Park in Cupertino for my 15 year High School reunion. I somehow managed to convince Jarrod to come with and we pulled up at the same time. Molly and Robert chased each other around while Jarrod and I tried to figure out if we could recognize anyone. We were able to touch base with a few folks we haven't talked to in years. Then when I got home I was able to put a few more names with faces thanks to Facebook!

On Sunday Uncle Kyle arrived for a quick visit and we headed to Lucille's for a lovely homemade meal. Kyle headed to Yosemite SUPER early this morning for some camping and we're going to meet back up with him this weekend in Tahoe. It had cooled down into the mid 60's by the time we got home and we were finally able to open up all the windows. We introduced Kyle to Settlers and this time I won!


Hayley said...

I've never met anyone else who plays Settler's of Catan!! We first played it in Germany and now it's a staple favourite - although I suck at it :(

Kim said...

Settlers was featured in a Wired Magazine article. My husband mentioned it to a friend at the same time some of his co-workers were playing it. So a bunch of us ended up getting it all around the same time.