Monday, August 3, 2009

Molly's chair

I have been going back n' forth on whether or not I should buy Molly her own little chair. She is always super interested in others and tends to find any little stoop or step to sit on. Then I think she'll outgrow it soon and she seems so content to sit on the couch or in one of the adult size chairs. However, N thought she should have her own so we checked out the ones they had at Toys R' Us today. They were all cheap foam and we just weren't that impressed. Plus, Molly already filled the thing and we didn't think they would last much longer. Then we hit Target and came across some cool bean bag chairs. This will definitely last a few more years.

It was only a matter of time:

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Mama Bree said...

That's so funny! I actually saw those bean bags with a friend of mine a week or so ago when we were out shopping and I *almost* got one for Logan.... I may still do it, I'm not sure yet. Depends on my mood I guess. ;-) Glad to see Molly (and Michael) like it! :)