Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dinseyland, Day One

Unfortunately, Molly had a little bit of a head cold when we arrived at Disneyland last Saturday night. She was not quite herself and had a constant snotty nose. We checked into the hotel around 9:30 pm, but bug was not able to fall asleep until 10:30. We were just going to let her sleep as long as she needed and then meet up with the Jodoins and Chouns as they were planning to take advantage of staying on property and enter the park an hour early at the lovely hour of 7:00 am. Then Molly woke up at 6:20 with the (very loud) proclamation of, "Molly's awake Mommy!" I nudged N and asked if he wanted to get ready and meet up with everyone since we were up anyway. Lo and behold we were the first ones out. Funny how that works out sometimes.

Molly was totally content to chill in her stroller, but that was it. She had no interest in getting out of her stroller and going on any of the rides. In fact when we did try to get her out she would whine that she wanted to go to Disneyland. I tried to tell her we were IN Disneyland, but I think she meant she wanted to go back to the room. However, she would calm right back down as soon as she realized we weren't going to take her out of her stroller and continued to take in the sights. N and I took turns hopping on rides with everyone else while Molly people watched. N also took her to go get a bagel and some OJ and she was much calmer after that. We slowly made our way towards New Orleans Square as Princess Tiana was going to perform with her Jambalaya Jazz Band at 10:30. That got Molly up. She stood to the side with her blanket bunched up in her arms, but she was out of the stroller finally.

So, what ride do we take her on first? Why the Haunted Mansion of course. It was next on the list of things to hit and Molly was pretty content for the most part. The only objection came when you were tilted back to go down to the next level. That she did not like, but quickly recovered and took everything in. After that we took the raft over to Tom Sawyer's Island and let the kids run around. Molly climbed to the top of the pirate ship and when we got back down she immediately walked over to N and demanded a snack. Once we got back to the mainland Molly wanted back in her stroller and we headed to lunch. Well, by the time we arrived to our lunch destination Molly was OUT. N and I had a quick bite to eat and then N headed back to the room with Molly for nap time. I ran to the store to get a few more snacky items since we had a fridge in the room and then met up with Julie and Jamie for some more rides. You will be happy to know Julie and I officially converted Jamie over to a Space Mountain junkie.

Molly was a little clingy after her nap so she cuddled with N on the bed while they watched their respective iPads (it's no longer my iPad, it's MOLLY'S iPad). When she was in a better mood they meet up with the rest of us for some more rides and then dinner. After dinner we quickly took Molly on as many rides as we could in Fantasyland as she had missed out on them that morning. We hit Snow White, Pinocchio, and Alice in Wonderland before heading back to the room for bed time. N was content to hit the hay early himself so I was able to sneak back out with Jenn and take advantage of the park closing at midnight. We hit Indiana Jones, Pirates, Star Tours (which is going away for good in a few weeks), Astro Blasters, and finally Space Mountain (which still had a half hour wait at 11:00 at night!). After that we were officially done.

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