Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First (official) hair cut

On Monday Molly got her first (official) hair cut. Well, her first actual hair cut was back when she was 9 months old. I had my brow lady take some length off the back as part of Operation: Less Mullet-Like. I still have the two inch pony tail. However, this was Molly's first official hair cut in an actual kid's hair salon. Based on the recommendation of a few friends we went to Balloon Cuts just after they opened. I've heard it can be nuts on the weekend, but luckily we were able to walk right on back.

Molly was not a fan.

First, she was not having anything to do with the smock the lady tried to put on her. Freaked out at the very thought so it was put away. Then she acted as though the water in the spray bottle was toxic and burning her when her bangs were spritzed. She really was quite dramatic about the whole thing. My laughter probably did not help matters, but she was so over the top I couldn't help myself.

So, out came a Cliff Bar and ta-da! Everything was magically fine. She still fussed a bit here and there as her hair was pinned up in sections, but for the most part was fine with the rest of the hair cut. She explored all the buttons and levers on the little jeep she was "driving" and only tried to bat the scissors and comb away a few times.

Molly also complained that she was "Dirty" when her OWN hair got all over her shirt and pants. Hey, you're the one that didn't want to wear the smock Missy!

Molly ended up with some trimmed bangs, tapering down the sides, and a little over an inch taken off the back. The girl next to her (who was VERY well behaved) walked out with a super cute bob and I think that might be next. Miss Molly USED to let me put her hair up in pig tails or back in a ponytail, but no more. Now if I try to do anything with her hair she will rip it out... even if it takes a good chunk of her own hair with it. With summer approaching I'm worried about her getting overheated as her hair goes halfway down her back. If she doesn't let me cut it I think we might have to get a bob for summer. I've already mentioned to N that Molly is close to her own hair donation.

This does not amuse N.

Still, Miss Molly is prone to overheating so we might have to go short for the summer. We'll see.

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