Saturday, May 8, 2010

iPhone pics

I have been taking a lot of pics on my iPhone lately while Molly and I are out and about. Some of my favorites are:

Molly at her first Sharks game:

Molly at Little Gym:

One of the rare instances when Molly let me put her hair up (it was super windy):

Relaxed dad and Molly out to dinner:

Molly rocking daddy's hat:

It appears Molly has finally gotten over her sand phobia:

Give them the big eyes baby!

Sharing with daddy (whether he likes it or not):

Molly's favorite mode of transportation:

The rest can be found in the iPhone pics gallery (in reverse chronological order). Remember, the iPhone has a slow shutter speed and these are pictures of a toddler that likes to move... they are going to be blurry.

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