Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Hollow

On Friday Molly and I finally made it to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. It re-opened this year after an extensive remodel and I have been hearing great things about it. We didn't have a chance to explore everything, but I saw enough to know I wanted to pick up a membership.

Luckily we were also able to meet up with Bree and Logan (his daycare had an in-service day) along with Bev, Robert, and Connor. Molly spent the first hour or so taking everything in from her stroller, but finally got out to explore once Logan and Robert arrived on the scene.

First we let the kids run around the Leaping Lemur Trail and playground:

Then we headed over to the rides:

The kids checked out the Five Point Forest playground and grabbed a snack:

After lunch it was down to the Crooked House:

And then we called it a day...

For more pictures click here.


Kimmy said...

Is she throwing up the horns?! Oh that picture is amazing!

Kim said...

Why yes... yes, she is. She does it frequently and tends to exclaim, "Horns!" when she does it. :-)